COVID-19 Plan

COVID-19 Plan

PHASE 1:  Heightened Awareness

Quality hygiene practices by all staff and volunteers

Staff to begin preparedness

  • Speak with Office on Aging about Emergency boxes

  • Order new bags for meal distribution

  • Disinfecting of office, bathrooms, and all HANDLES daily

  • Volunteers will wipe handles of thermal coolers with disinfecting wipes (provided).

  • Volunteers with underlying conditions please take a leave of absence.

  • Volunteers returning from a foreign country take 14 days off of volunteering

PHASE 2: Minimizing Contact  Monday, March 16, 2020

  • Minimize Contact with Volunteers

  • Stay at least 6 ft from volunteers

  • New protocols in place at hospital- no under age of 12, only 5 people in packing area at a time,

  • Recruit enough volunteers to act as runners delivering meals to awaiting cars.Minimize Contact with Clients- No physical contact policy in place

    • Minimalize the use of plastic bags

    • Leaving food in cooler or hang on door, ring or knock and waiting for the client to retrieve

    • No home entry, there may be an exception due to immobility

    • Volunteers & Clients keep a 6’ distance

    • Distribution of emergency food boxes

PHASE 3: Government Ordered Social Distancing or Quarantine

  • Prepared for two or more weeks

  • Clients emergency box use

  • Order nutrition supplements/meal replacement drinks

  • Set up a phone buddy system for volunteers to call and check in on clients